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Brushfire Farms

Prickly Pear Pepper Jam | Brushfire Farms

Prickly Pear Pepper Jam | Brushfire Farms

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Brushfire Farm's Pear Burner Jam is truly one of a kind, made with handpicked prickly pear from South Texas, which gives notes of melon and concord grape. This jam also won First Place in the Mild Jam and Jellies Division in the International Spicy Flav Awards in 2019! Use it as a sweet and spicy condiment for cheese platters, glaze for grilled meats, or a unique topping for crackers. It also pairs well with cream cheese on bagels or as a flavor enhancer in marinades and dressings. Experiment with it in both savory and sweet dishes for a delightful kick.

Pro Tip: From biscuits to eggs, to chicken wings to a dynamite PBJ, the possibilities y’all can create with this are endless!

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