Supporting Local Businesses: Hoot-N-Annie

When you support a local business, you are supporting more than a corporation whose CEO makes millions each year. You are supporting a family’s way of life. You are helping pay for a child’s piano lesson, another’s baseball team, or contributing to someone getting to pay their bills. When you support Hoot-N-Annie Pecan Company, you are supporting a family run business. You are supporting a West Texas family and contributing to the backbone of America. Small, family run businesses are truly the stability of our nation, which many people have forgotten, and at Hoot-N-Annie Pecan Company, we believe in supporting our small businesses.

You have likely seen advertisements for shopping local or shopping small, but at Hoot-N-Annie, we love that you can do both! If you are local to the area, it is easy to support us as a small family run business. However, if you do not live close by or even if you live out of state, you can still support Hoot-N-Annie! Our pecans make great gifts and can be sent to you regardless of how far from Shallowater, Texas, you live. Shopping small allows you to help provide for families, support community growth, and establish relationships. When you choose to shop at a small, family run business, you know that you are directly contributing to the lives of real people within a community. You are helping to put someone’s child in braces or go to summer camp. With small businesses, you know that you are helping to support someone’s dream that they have worked hard to build.

Whether you live near or far away, support Hoot-N-Annie Pecan Company and other small, family run businesses. These are the backbone of America! Get your pecans today at and know that you are supporting a family run business that values your contribution.

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